Our Pink House

Team OLEK – Our Pink House (ENG)

New York-based OLEK (born. 1978 Agata Oleksiak, Poland) is known for her crocheted sculptures, trains, cars, bicycles and entire houses. In Kerava she invited people to crochet a house in pink for a brighter future filled with hope. During two weeks a large group of volunteers, immigrants and women from a reception centre for asylum seekers came together to crochet Our Pink House. The Gallery Alli building, located near Kerava railway station, is now wrapped with pink crocheting patterns, stretching from the chimney to the stone base.

The house was originally built in 1910’s by carpenter Karl Jacob Svensk. During the Winter War 1939-1940, bombs fell to the yard, but family and the house survived. In 2015 over 21 million people lost their homes and had to flee abroad due to war and conflicts. Our Pink House is a symbol of hope and a wish for a better future.

Our pink house is about the journey, not just about the artwork itself. It’s about us coming together as a community. It’s about helping each other. We can show everybody that women can build houses, women can make homes.” – OLEK

Our Pink House is associated with Kerava Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition Yarn Visions, which will place the spotlight on knitted, crocheted, tufted and embroidered works. The exhibition will be shown in Art and Museum Centre Sinkka 26.11.2016-5.3.2017. If the weather permits, Our Pink House will be featured until the opening of the exhibition.

The project produced by Kerava Art Museum has been supported by Finland’s National Board of Antiquities, Prym Consumer Finland, Red Heart (USA) and Kerava Art Museum Friends Association, Kerava Evangelical Lutheran Parish and Savio Printing House. All of them share the artist’s wish: –Everybody should have a home.

“We live in challenging times, a changing world filled with conflict, wars and natural disasters. But I like to think that it’s also a world filled with love.” – OLEK

Gallery Alli’s building, Paasikivenkatu 9, Kerava

More info about the project: ENG – Our Pink House
OLEK’s homepage: oleknyc.com

26.11.2016–5.3.2017, Kerava Art Museum, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka

Yarn Visions -exhibition will place the spotlight on knitted, crocheted, tufted and embroidered works. The visual artists aren’t bogged down by traditions in handicraft techniques, but are able to breathe new life and spirit into the old ways of working. In their hands, handiwork that has previously been considered to be accommodating, virtuous and falling within the scope of the home, has become sparkling and opinionated. The art created with yarn will raise humane, soft values up alongside contemporary hard and technical efforts.