MadC, Fragments 15072017 and Fragments of a free soul, 2017, spray paint on canvas. Image Marco Prosch.

For the media

Media visits

We are always happy to see representatives of the media at Art and Museum Centre Sinkka and Heikkilä Local History Museum.

Our press card gives reporters free entry to Sinkka, and admission to the Heikkilä Local History Museum is free of charge for everyone. You can also contact us to arrange a visit outside our normal opening hours for an interview or a photo shoot.

Please let us know if you would like a password to access our image bank, more pictures or other materials, to arrange an interview or to join our mailing list for media releases. We would also love to hear about any articles you write about us!

Media releases

Press images

There are a wealth of pictures that can be downloaded from our image bank. Contact us if you would like a password for access.

Please note that the photos can only be used in connection with journalistic material about Sinkka’s exhibitions and events or about Heikkilä Local History Museum. Using the photos for any other purpose or distributing them otherwise is prohibited. Please remember to give credit to the artist or designer, the photographer or the copyright holder and to include any other information we request to be published with our photos. Photos of works must not be cropped or have text placed over them.

More detailed instructions can be found in the image bank, and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Basic information about Sinkka

    • Art and Museum Centre Sinkka and Heikkilä Local History Museum are operated by Kerava Museum Services.
    • Sinkka puts on exhibitions showcasing contemporary art, industrial design and local history.
    • As well as exhibitions, Sinkka hosts a wide range of cultural events and runs guided tours for groups and child-friendly activities for families. Sinkka also has its own gift shop as well as a small café.
    • Sinkka is open all year round and easy to get to by public transport.
    • Around 23,000 people visit Sinkka every year.
    • Heikkilä Local History Museum is open throughout the summer and on special occasions. Admission to Heikkilä is free of charge. The local history museum exhibits life on a farmstead in Kerava from the mid-19th century to the early 1930s.
    • Kerava Museum Services showcase, explore and record local history and fascinating phenomena of contemporary art. Our exhibitions, events and information services provide unforgettable experiences, support inclusion and increase understanding of culture, history and the environment.
    • Kerava Museum Services are part of the City of Kerava’s Leisure and Wellbeing Division.

Sinkka on social media

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