Volunteering at Sinkka

Both the Kerava Art Museum and the Heikkilä Local History Museum were originally started by volunteers, and volunteers still play an important role in running Sinkka.

Today, Sinkka’s active group of volunteers help with a number of tasks from supervising children’s exhibitions and assisting elderly people around the premises to posting invitations, maintaining the grounds of the Heikkilä Local History Museum and digitising collections.

Volunteers also sometimes get the chance to work behind the scenes of exhibitions, helping to, for example, blow up balloons for an art installation or washing off clay wall art.

Sinkka’s volunteers include people of all ages and from all walks of life who are united by a shared love of art, culture, working with people and learning new things. No previous experience or skills are required, and detailed instructions are provided for all tasks. There are nevertheless plenty of opportunities for putting one’s special talents or work experience to use.

As a reward for their efforts, volunteers are treated to a wide range of activities, such as guided tours, performances and an annual Christmas party.

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