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Heikkilä for groups

Welcome to Heikkilä Local History Museum!

Guided tours

For schools and nurseries

Guided tours

Book a guided tour of Heikkilä Local History Museum for your group! Our tours take you on a journey into the life of a wealthy farmer’s family in Kerava from the mid-19th century to the 1950s. We are also happy to plan a tailor-made tour according to your wishes, focusing on, for example, the exhibition inside the farmhouse or the grounds outside.

The tour of the museum takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Our guides speak Finnish and English, and we can also do tours in plain language.

For bookings and more information, please email us.

Prices for guided tours

During Heikkilä’s opening hours:

  • Quick tour, 25 minutes: EUR 30
  • Standard tour, 45 minutes: EUR 50
  • Standard tour on weekends and public holidays, 45 minutes: EUR 90

Outside Heikkilä’s opening hours (Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm):

  • Quick tour, 25 minutes: EUR 50
  • Standard tour, 45 minutes: EUR 75

Admission to Heikkilä is free of charge.

Guided tours can be paid for at the ticket office in Art and Museum Centre Sinkka during the museum’s opening hours. The distance between Sinkka and Heikkilä is approximately 800 metres. If your organisation has a business ID, we can also send you an invoice. If you would like an invoice, please provide the relevant information when booking your tour.

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Heikkilä for schools and nurseries

We run age-appropriate guided tours of the Heikkilä Local History Museum for nurseries, schools and other educational institutions. Our tours for children take approximately 45 minutes. Group size is limited to 28 children plus accompanying adults. The recommended minimum age for our guided tours is four years. Our guides speak Finnish and English.

Heikkilä Local History Museum runs guided tours for schools and nurseries on specific dates in the spring and in the autumn. There is no central heating in the farmhouse, which is why we unfortunately cannot accommodate groups in the winter. The grounds are open to the public throughout the year.

We have prepared a fun puzzle-solving exercise (in Finnish) for groups visiting Heikkilä outside the museum’s opening hours.

Both admission and guided tours are free of charge for schools and nurseries based in Kerava. The tour fee for schools and nurseries based outside Kerava is EUR 25 per group.

We use the City of Kerava’s mailing lists to advertise our guided tours to Kerava-based teachers and nursery staff in Finnish.

Heikkilä’s code of conduct

Please read our code of conduct before your visit.

    • Teachers or accompanying adults must stay with their group throughout the visit.
    • Please make sure that the children are dressed according to the weather, and bear in mind that the farmhouse can be much cooler inside than modern buildings.
    • The group will be met by our guide outside the farmhouse. Please be punctual and leave enough time for the children to, for example, park their bicycles. Also note that you will not be admitted into the building until it is your turn.
    • The children will be led to a cloakroom where they can leave their coats, shoes, bags, drinks bottles, etc. and then told to wait for the start of the tour. There is a hand sanitiser dispenser by the main entrance.
    • The tour is too fast-paced for taking photographs, and the children can therefore be instructed to also leave their mobile phones either at school or in Heikkilä’s cloakroom.
    • The teachers or other adults accompanying the group can take pictures of the group and the exhibits if they wish. Please note that flash photography is prohibited in the exhibition areas.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the exhibition areas. The grounds outside are a great place for a picnic either before or after your tour. We recommend that you bring your own seats, picnic blankets or similar.
    • The toilets are located in the old farmhands’ quarters.
  • Your guide will explain Heikkilä’s code of conduct to the children at the start of the tour, but we recommend that you also familiarise yourself with the rules beforehand.

    • There can be no touching of the exhibits, as even the slightest brush of fingers leaves behind invisible grease and dirt that can damage the artefacts over time. Some of the artefacts are also extremely fragile. If you see the tour guide touching an exhibit, it will be because that item has been retired from the museum’s collections and is now used as a prop for visitors.
    • The farmhouse itself is also very old. The floors are of course safe to walk and sit on, but please do not touch other surfaces or, for example, lean on the walls unnecessarily.
    • Running inside the museum is prohibited. Space inside the building is limited, so please watch out for furniture, exhibits and other visitors! Always follow the instructions of your guide.

Cultural education in Kerava

Art and Museum Centre Sinkka runs workshops and age-appropriate guided tours as part of the City of Kerava’s cultural education plan for year-2 and year-7 pupils. The Heikkilä Local History Museum also runs guided tours for year-4 pupils in the autumn term.

School trips to museums promote the objectives of broad-based learning that are part of both the national and the local curriculum and introduce children to different learning environments.