Image Christian Jakowleff

Olof Ottelin – Interior Architect and Designer

Olof Ottelin (1917–1971) is one of the forgotten greats of modern Finnish furniture design and interior architecture.

Image of Nordika chairs, designed by Ottelin: Christian Jakowleff.

Olof Ottelin was an interior architect and furniture designer from the 1940s to the 1960s, when Finns were only just learning about interior decoration. He built a successful career as a designer of furniture and interiors for both homes and public spaces, and as the artistic director of the department store Stockmann’s interior decoration department.

Ottelin was also known as a toy designer and accomplished artist who observed politics, culture and contemporary trends through a lens of warm-hearted humour.

The exhibition presents Ottelin’s interior decoration projects, design philosophy and the furniture manufactured by Keravan Puusepäntehdas furniture makers factory.

Image from the exhibition: Christian Jakowleff