Kerttu Horilan keramiikkaveistos Narttu, Mirri ja Emo, 2019 ja Elina Ruohosen öljymaalauksia akryylilevylle 2019-2020. Kuva Pekka Elomaa, Sinkka.

Women, Masks and Wilderness

Kerttu Horila

feat. Samuli Heimonen | Jenni Hiltunen | Eeva Peura | Elina Ruohonen

This autumn, Sinkka will be taken over by Kerttu Horila’s (b. 1946) funny and touching ceramic characters. In this partially retrospective exhibition, viewers are transported into the world of animals, women’s costume parties and fairy tales where things never quite turn out how they were written. Horila is known as a portrayer of women and theatrical divas. Posing in the paintings of Jenni Hiltunen are the women of the “selfie era”.

In Horila’s latest artworks, people take on the figure of an edgy house cat, rabbit or wolf mother. At Sinkka, these hearty, self-aware and rebellious creatures are joined by Samuli Heimonen’s wolves. Masquerading is a common theme shared by both Horila and Heimonen. In Elina Ruohonen’s paintings, the balance of power between humans and animals is flipped. Humanity is infused with other living – and lifeless nature.

On the top floor of the exhibition, the viewer is moved into the world of an aging woman and old fairy tales that have gone awry. There, the story is governed by aged Peter Pan and other fairy tale characters, that are juxtaposed with Eeva Peura’s mysterious paintings.