Esa Riippa, Rannalla, 2012, Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Collection, Sinkka. Image Pekka Elomaa.

Place of Pearls: Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Art Collection

Esa Riippa's (b. 1947) etchings and aquatint prints.

Selected artworks from the Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Art Collection are showcased in a series of mini-exhibitions at Art and Museum Centre Sinkka’s Place of Pearls.

Rolando and Siv Pieraccini art collection, donated to Kerava in 2017, includes almost 1600 artworks by 15 Finnish artists. The focus is on printmaking, but the collection includes also paintings, drawings, and sketches.

The collection includes artworks by Göran Augustson, Juhana Blomstedt, Marjatta Hanhijoki, Hannu Hyrske, Raimo Kanerva, Pentti Kaskipuro, Inari Krohn, Juhani Linnovaara, Elina Luukanen, Lars-Gunnar Nordström, Onni Oja, Paul Osipow, Esa Riippa, Veikko Vionoja and Rafael Wardi.

The Italian born Rolando Pieraccini has lived in Finland for over 40-years. He is a prominent art collector and earned his living as a publisher of art prints and literature. In 2009, Rolando Pieraccini was awarded the Finnish Finnish Lion Commander’s badge for his extensive work for Finnish visual arts and culture.