Kalle Nio, Trick Brain, 2017.


Christian Andersson | Gregory Barsamian | Louis De Belle | Marjolijn Dijkman | Tobias Dostal | Ceal Floyer | Arturo Fuenzalida | Juhana Moisander & Hanna Rajakangas | Juan Muñoz & Gavin Bryars | Nickolas Muray | Kalle Nio | Miika Pelkonen | Taneli Rautiainen | Hans Rosenström | Etienne Saglio / Monstre(s) | Luis Sartori do Vale | Antoine Terrieux / Blizzard Concept | Ville Walo

Magic and sleight of hand have always fascinated people. The Magic! exhibition makes visitors question their eyes and wonder if they are witnessing something wondrous, or even magical.

The exhibition features the works of professionals in art and magic who have filled the museum with mechanical magic machines, curiously moving houseplants, a ghost seeking escape and a labyrinth of endless reflections. The pieces on display bring us face to face with the extraordinary, into a world where everything is simultaneously possible and impossible.

The exhibition includes live performances, the schedule of which will be specified later.

The exhibition is enabled by the support of the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Etienne Saglio | Monstre(s), Projet Fantôme, Cathédrale – Festival de la Cité – Lausanne, 9.7.2016. Photo: Sébastien Monachon.